Adana Gets A Brutal Spanking, Then Gets Stuffed With Cock!

Brutally Spanked Ass!
Adana admits that she actually cums when she's spanked. Her ass was mercilessly spanked as a little girl, now she can't get enough!

Spanking Sex Video

spanking sex
Now, I’ve seen girls get their hot asses spanked with a lot of different things in my day. Whips, rods, canes, chains, rulers, and bare hands. However, in all that time of watching spanking sex videos, I’ve never before seen an ass getting spanked by a phone. Well, there’s a first time for everything, I suppose, and that’s what you get to see in this video.

This guy starts spanking this seriously hot honey with his fucking phone. He gets her juicy butt a nice shade of red, then proceeds to have his way with her in lots of naughty action that makes this porn video a definite winner. Phone spanking sex? Yeah, okay!

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Spanking Porn

spanking porn
Well, I’ve always said that the best spanking porn in the universe involves hot chicks with big round asses. The bigger the ass, the more jiggle and ripple with every whack. This girl is just the kind of fat bottom babe I’m talking about. She’s very hot and her big juicy butt is a thing of absolute beauty. It’s nice and plump, and round as the globe. That thing is just screaming to be spanked into next Tuesday and, thankfully, that’s exactly what happens in this extremely stimulating porn video.

The hottie gets put over the lap of this lucky dude and prepares to take her relentless ass punishment. Looking at that sexy butt in those tight cotton panties is enough to make you cum right there, but hold on a while because it gets a lot better. He takes down those panties and goes all out on her jiggly butt. He pounds that big ass with his bare hands and really does a number on it. That beautiful pale white skin brightens up to a rosy red color that tells us the spanking has been a thorough one. Very hot video that will make you cum like a fire hose!

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Spanked Cutie

spanked cutie
Yeah, I will admit that I’ve seen some seriously hot panty-clad cuties out on the tennis courts in my day. One of the best things about going out for a few games of tennis was always watching the bubble butt babes bounce around the courts with their white cotton panties barely containing their gorgeous asses. I always thought about how hot it would be to spank those delicious butts and then give them the fucking of their lives.

The guy in this porn video gets to live out my fantasy as he brings home a girl from the tennis courts who is in serious need of a major butt punishing. She’s a super hot cutie who’s got a perfect bubble butt ass that looks amazing in those cotton panties. He proceeds to spank her hot ass silly and gets it all red before he goes and gives her the fucking of her life. She ends up being a spanked cutie with a whole lot of cum on her sexy body and a butt that’s going to need several weeks of recovery time.

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Spanked and Fucked

spanked and fucked
Okay, so lately, I’ve been fantasizing an awful lot about sexy girls who need a good hard spanking, but who also beg to be fucked afterwards. That’s one of things that led me to this site, Spanked and Abused, where all of the chicks get screwed hard after they get their spankings. This girl, in particular, really turned me on because she looks just like a hottie I used to know in college.

That girl used to love getting her sexy bottom spanked, and she would always beg to be fucked deep and hard after I finished throttling her juicy butt. I must have cum gallons of semen watching this hot porn video due to the wild memories it brought back.

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Punished Ass

punished ass
This blond girl really got one major spanking in this video from Spanked and Abused. Now, there are a lot of girls that really like to get spanked, that’s true. But, there are some girls that go absolutely fucking nuts when they get spanked. I mean they really cum like it’s the end of the natural world when you start wailing on their sexy bottoms. This girl would have to belong to the latter category.

She gets her sexy ass punished by this fucker who is clearly getting off on this something fierce. I’ve never seen a more sadistic treatment of an ass in my many eons as a porn peddler. You guys have definitely got to check this one out.

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Bare Bottom Spanking Video

bare bottom spanking
This sexy redhead has been a very bad girl. She ate out her female english teacher after school and her boyfriend found out about it. Well, dirty girls like her need to be punished and cleaned of their filth, so this guy comes up with a very innovative way of dealing with the situation. He orders her into the bathroom where he proceeds to strip her down completely naked. He gets naked too and they both get into the bath tub. What happens next really got my dick hard as a rock.

He started going to town on her peachy ass right away. He nailed that sexy bottom hard as he spanked it with his bare hands. It wasn’t long before that hot white ass had become a delightfully red, welted ass. He delivered one of the most glorious bare bottom spanking punishments I’ve seen in a good while. But it didn’t end there. The guy got so turned on by the vicious spanking he gave her, he started fucking her right there in the bath tub. Very hot and very naughty spank video right here.

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Ass Punishment

ass punishment
This is one seriously hot spanking video, people. It stars an ultra-sexy spank fiend named Alexa who was apparently hiding in some guy’s crate (I have absolutely no fucking clue why). She’s an exotic and tasty little thing to look at, with a set of deliciously plump ass cheeks that make my mouth water. When this guy finds her hiding in there, he immediately yanks her out and decides to deliver one serious ass punishment to her gorgeous butt cheeks.

He doesn’t stop with the hard spanking, though, as he gets extremely aroused from thrashing her round ass. He takes out his hard cock and shoves it into Alexa’s mouth for some oral servicing, then proceeds to stuff it in her already wet pussy. He fucks that girl like nobody’s business, and it’s clearly apparent that she’s getting off on the punishing treatment. One hell of a sexy spanking and fuck video.

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